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Maths - Curves from Lines

Download worksheet HERE

A card game to play

Floating in air

What colour is that?

The Art of Woodturning

Spelling Games

Miss Fitton's Garden tour 2

Extended Vertical Method (+)

Visit the Vet

Virtual Sports - Petham

Williamsburg - Colonial Capital

Swallow Class Assembly - Petham

Gardening with Miss Elvy

Make Fudge

Let's Make a Salad

VE75 - Minterne Junior School

Sea Pollution

Space Facts

Miss R's Lockdown Adventure 3

Bredgar School history

How the Teddy Bear got his name


Home Learning - Petham wk8

Can you write Nonsense?

Make your own crisps

Home Learning - Petham wk7

Egyptians Challenge

Skipping Challenge

Make a pop-up book

Lego Challenge

Make Gingerbread people

Make a pop-up book

Make a Trifle

Get Crafty!

Make a booklet

Staying safe on the Internet

A cloud in a jar?

Can you do THE CUBE?

Messages in Morse Code

Make a theatre

Make Carrot Cup Cakes

Artist Challenge


Stay Healthy

Virtual Birdwatch 2

Maths - Counting... in Dutch

Lockdown Survival Pt2

Maths - Codemaker

Roll out a pattern from nature

Make a decoration

Make Queen Cakes

Planting seedlings

Download the recipe here

Stay safe at home

Staying safe on the Internet

Let's make Banana Bread

Download the recipe here

Take our Pet Challenge

Make an information wheel

Here's an idea.

More Magic!

Miss R's Lockdown Adventure 2

Maths - Division

Borden School History

Some things to try

History - Life in Victorian School

History - Alexander Fleming

History - Can you break a code?

Spin Challenge Special

Can you do a Rubik Cube?

Maths - Tables Tips

History - What happened in1968?

What's in the Garden?

Miss R's Lockdown - ep1

Take a Rochester history walk

Poem - My Walk

Making Saltdough

Cook some Scones

Download the recipe here

OLP Virtual Birdwatch - pt1

Saltdough Decorations

Maths - Number game

Surviving Lockdown

Science with flowers


Sing and Sign a Rainbow

A message from everyone at Dymchurch School

Create a Tree collage

Can you do MAGIC?

Going to the Moon

Sound - Elastic band experiment

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